Anum Farooq

Between worlds

An odyssey of the arts...

A world of unspoken words and miracles

About the Artist

My art focusses on exploring, dreaming and discovering the world around us, educating ourselves with inner insights enlightened with natural perspectives, to enable a holistic art experience. The insight between nature, faith and humanity is a life-long discovery. Our perceptions of the natural world and our role within it, are interesting concepts to explore.”

Anum Farooq is an award- winning neurodivergent, autodidactic artist, and an alumna of Imperial ​College London. An internationally published artist, global educator and mentor, Anum is fond of ​the creative links between the Sciences and the Arts.

Anum has her artwork showcased globally from SAAC's Art in Public Places “Winter Showcase ​2021”, Mississippi, USA, to Curating Futures “(Im)material”, Yorkshire, England and the VA Art ​Exhibition, Massachusetts, USA amongst other international exhibitions. She has been featured in ​the .Art documentary on The Healing Powers of Art, which premiered at the American Alliance of ​Museums.

Her work has garnered international attention, and she has been interviewed for publications in ​culture capitals such as Venice, London, Dubai, Ontario, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Casablanca, Berlin ​and Beirut. Her art is a reflection of her unique perspective and creative vision, capturing the beauty ​and complexity of the world around us.

She was selected as a Tate Online Artist in 2012, and was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the ​Mayor of Enfield in 2002. In 2022, she was longlisted for the Digital Innovation in Art Award, and has ​recently been recognized for Exceptional Merit in the 4th edition of the Global Talent Art Prize, ​alongside 2023 Artistic Excellence Award from Circle Foundation for the Arts in Greece, amongst ​other achievements.

Anum’s artwork is displayed on dedicated art channels and streamed across major platforms ​including Apple TV Plus, Samsung TV Plus, VIZIO, ViX, Google Play, Xumo and LG TV amongst ​others as a Loupe Artist, as well as her artwork being showcased internationally.

Between worlds, an artistic odyssey, with paintings that emanate from the soul




Inspired by ecology, captured by light


Digital Art


Exhibitions / Awards

Creative Achievements

2023 Exceptional Merit, 4th Edition of Global Talent Art Prize

2023 Artistic Excellence Award, Circle Foundation for the Arts, Athens, Greece

2023 Art and Wellness Champion, World Wellness Weekend

2023 RAK Fine Arts Festival Poetry Award [English Category], RAK, UAE

2023 XIV Florence Biennale Acceptance

2023 Forget-Me-Not Press ‘Interview with Anum Farooq’, Canada

2023 Magzoid Emerging Art Icons, Nominated Best Emerging Artist, UAE

2023 Outside In UK Poetry Recital, UK

2022 Longlisted for Digital Innovation in Art Award 2022 International

2022 Noon Arts Award Participant, Sharjah, UAE

2022 Artist feature in “Behind the Art Series”, Women’s History Month, MUI The Gallery, USA

2022 Spotlight Magazine invitation to publish ‘The Vessels of Life’

2022 Excellence in Media & Arts Award: Best Abstract Artist

2021-22 (Curating) Compassionate Women: Kindness in Action, International Digital

2022 “The Meditation” featured in ZO Blue Expo, USA

2021 “Dusk on Water” featured in The Dispatch, Columbus, Mississippi, USA

2021 Featured Artist Interview, ArtOn Gallery, Venice, Italy

2021 Featured Artist Interview: The Universal Language of Art, MO Magazine, UK

2021 Featured Artist, ArtMagazineium, Istanbul, Turkey

2021 Featured Artist Interview, Chromart Berlin, Germany

2021 Featured Artist, ART UP MI Autumn Issue, Milan, Italy

2021 Featured Artist Interview: The Artist’s Voice, Utah, USA

2021 “How art affects our lives?” Artist Interview, Artholic on Spotify, Morocco

2021 Linked INNYC Women of the World Artist, New York and Miami- USA, Caracas -Venezuela,

2021 Featured Artist, Autumn Issue, Collect Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2021 “The Poignant Rose” featured in the Art, Culture, Tourism UK Social Media Campaign

2021 “Roots of Courage” featured in I believe - My Art Inspo 2021 Prague

2021 Featured Artist, October Issue, The Working Artist, UK

2021 Rising Stars Interfaith Artist Interview, Independent

2021 “The Prayer” licensed by 500px, Visual China Group, Beijing, China and Ontario, Canada

2012 Tate Online Artist , Tate Collective Showcase, UK

2002 Certificate of Merit by the Mayor of Enfield: Painting in the park competition

2001 Albany School Public Speaking Award

Exhibition History

2024 SDG 3.4 Gallery “Mental Health Month”, Zimbabwe

2024 UneARTh “Community Garden Exhibition”, International, USA

2023 Sulci World “A Sensory Sunrise”, WEB 3, Metaverse

2023 Meta Space Gallery “Positive Vibes Only”, UK

2023 RAK Arts & Accenture Song ‘Collective NFT : Nature’, RAK, UAE

2023 Lys d’Or “Il Mondo Che Voglio – The World That I Want’ Venice, Italy

2023 Lacuna Contemporary Arts Festival, “Metamorphosis 2023”, Canary Islands

2023 Glasgow Gallery of Photography “Women in Photography” Glasgow, Scotland

2023 Accenture Song, RAK Fine Arts Festival “Collective NFT Collage”, RAK, UAE

2022 Art, Culture, Tourism “Le Rose Dell’anno 2022 (The Roses of the Year 2022)” UK & Italy

2022 Noon Arts Award Participant “Then and Now Exhibition” Sharjah, UAE

2022 MODHAFEST 2022 “Art in Healing” USA

2022 UneARTh Art Society “3rd Annual Multimedia Art Festival”, USA

2022 Bloqs, “Waterborne Exhibition”, Enfield, England

2022 Lacuna Festivals International, “Clash 2022”, Canary Islands

2022 Supporting The Arts, The Vessels of Life, Suffolk, England

2022 WDT (WetDovetail) “2:3 Exhibition”, Middlesbrough, England 2022 Curating Futures “(Im)material”, Yorkshire, England

2021 Vicos Art “Ambiguity – Art to Health”, Africa

2021 Orbit Residency Programme, Liverpool, England

2021 Moozikoo Creatives “NFT Anum Farooq” Philadelphia, USA

2021 SAAC's Art in Public Places “Winter Showcase 2021”, Mississippi, USA 2021 UVA , “Teaching Children About Racial Justice", Massachusetts, USA

2021 Fronteer Gallery, “Abstract”, Sheffield, England

2014 TIG Global Gallery, “Human Rights”, Ontario, Canada

2011 Red Gallery, “Urban Dialogues Festival”, London, England 2011 Oxford House, “Shared Roots in Faith” London, England

2011 Tower Hamlets Library, “Three Faith Forum” London, England

2011 Bristol Paintworks, “Hope and Poverty: A vision through Art” Bristol, England


Art Philosophy

Artist Statement and Inspiration

My interest in exploring the relationship between Science and Art stems from my background in Biochemistry, as well as utilizing pedagogical approaches in combining these disciplines via cross curricular links. I utilize the stages of observation and experimentation from the Scientific method, in my approach to Art, for instance I observe the natural world around us, whether that be the shape of a leaf, patterns in the waves and rocks, colours in the cloud formations to the shape and texture of the tree branches and so on. Then, I experiment with distilling these themes into the abstract paintings or I simply photograph the biology of life with links to human insights and emotions.

The insight between nature, faith and humanity is a life-long discovery. Our perceptions of the natural world and our role within it, are interesting concepts to explore in free flowing brushstrokes.


The Vessels of Life (Oil on Canvas, circa 2022)

Inspired by the blood vessels; arteries carry blood away from the heart, and veins carry blood back towards the heart. The capillaries are the smallest blood vessels that connect arteries and veins.

In the process delivering oxygen and removing waste products, a transport system within us. Similarly, as the process of cleansing, purifying, delivering oxygen and nutrients occurs physically within us.

Blood vessels contain constant movement, like ourselves we are constantly moving and struggling within ourselves, as well as the planet to be cleansed and nourished. This is the meaning behind this painting titled 'The Vessels of Life'


The Flower in the Heart (Oil on Canvas, circa 2022)

Roots or blood vessels flowing with life, journey of flowers encased in a beating heart. The green represents the budding of destiny, the protective shell wearing away as with time plants grow. Similarly, we discover through our life experiences our hearts become more aware and compassionate through the journey of life, becoming rooted in poignant destiny and miracles.

A link to the environment through the roots, just as humans we need blood vessels, our Earth needs roots.

Sanctuary (Oil on Canvas, circa 2021)

Oftentimes we look for a sanctuary to heal, to become whole, to answer our calling. In saving ourselves, we gain the courage to save others. This painting is about holistic healing; the warm, homely hues a calling to the soul towards calm and kind healing. The underlying tones of Sienna; reminiscent of a time of quiet discovery through nature and colour. In exploringthe world around us, in finding a sanctuary, in looking inwards to complete ourselves...we begin the journey to heal the world around us

Anum Farooq

The Meditation (Mixed Media, circa 2021)

Inspired by the sky and the sea, a meditation on the clouds and the waves beneath them. In search of a tranquillity and harmony, through an everyday journey in nature.

Anum Farooq

Hope (Oil on Canvas, circa 2021)

A bright juxtaposition of colours and texture to bring towards hope in the zest of life. An almost pull towards living hopefully and overcoming it all.

Certainty (Oil on Canvas, circa 2011)

We are all on a journey, with challenges and miracles yet certainty that destiny and truth will triumph. Patterns in nature show clear evidence of light overcoming darkness, rain from the clouds cleansing, nourishing and healing the Earth. Vulnerable saplings blooming with time, subtle droplets of water bringing forth strong roots and natural justice.

Calm Endurance (Acrylic on Canvas, circa 2011)

Sometimes a moment inspires us for life. Learning to climb mountains in memory of the days gone by, to endure and build an ocean of calmness, to conquer our own hearts and minds. To have a subtle understanding of the unspoken, poignant threads of time, courage and care. The philosophical mountains of life, mere signposts for another realm of eternity.

The Bridge of Faith (Mixed Media, circa 2011)

Mixed media thoughts of a bridge - how often have we had a leap of faith? How strong is our trust in God? Rather than knocking down each others bridges, perhaps we need to examine our own bridges of faith - can they carry us through?


Roots of Courage (Gouache on Canvas, circa 2021)

Finding courage and achieving our dreams, despite the turbulence of time and events. That there is diversity in humanity, yet our roots are interconnected. That despite the ever changing times, we can stand with courage and integrity, towards a brighter horizon of hopes and dreams.

Authentic Photography

The photography is very simple and raw. Whether it's a blurry ray of sunshine, or a grainy walk in the forest, or a wholesome plate of comforting food. Moments of life and time in their elementary forms, to remind us that we are still on our journey of inspiration, art and between two worlds...


Light Movements Series

Photographs capturing moments of light from around the world. Sometimes the photographs have been taken whilst travelling, so they are blurry and slightly grainy. This adds to their authenticity in being a part of life. A conscious decision to avoid a capture of “perfect” shots, because often light comes in to our lives in our moments of brokenness. This working collection is related to that raw, authentic movement of light into human lives around the world, in poignant moments of destiny.

The Tone of Exploration

The Mix of Life

An exploration of colour, destiny and intuition. This is the starting point for the canvas to embark on the journey of transformation and representation. The colours lead the artistic interpretation of what the eyes behold.


I am fascinated by cotton, by its timeless elegance and versatility in protecting the human from the elements of weather and time. It is both an adornment of life and a shroud for the journey to the hereafter.

Zephyr Nostalgia

This is an exploration of sound and colour. One of my most favourite sounds is hearing laughter in the wind. It evokes a distant memory of running with and against the wind, as a child hands outstretched, and bursting into peals of laughter at the simple joy of it.